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Kim Lewis, Co-owner/Executive Vice President

Kim has been in the infrared inspection industry since 1989 and has been instrumental in developing the infrared inspection industry in the Denver Metro area, as well as throughout the United States. Kim’s relationship building skills have ensured Hot/Shot’s identity and impeccable reputation within the industry. In addition, Kim handles all sales and marketing for the company as well as managing the dispatching of our thermographers. A longtime and highly respected member of Building Operators Association of Colorado (BOAC) for over 25 years, Kim has acted as Trade Show Chair, Colorado State Board Secretary, Denver Chapter President and she is currently the Executive Chairperson of the organization. In addition to her time and energy donated to BOAC, Kim is also a longtime member and participant of International Facility Managers Association (IFMA).

Chris Cox, Co-owner/Executive Vice President

Chris has been with the company since 1991 and is a Level III Certified, Master Thermographer from InfraSpection Institute, certification number 3422. As our Chief Thermographer, he is responsible for overseeing the quality of our inspections with a special emphasis on our aerial power line inspections. In addition, he is a drone certified pilot and routinely performs our aerial roof moisture and building façade inspections. Chris pioneered the development of helicopter based aerial transmission line inspections.

Dan Lewis, Co-owner/Executive Vice President

Dan began his tenure in 1995. Since that time, Dan has integrated himself into every aspect of the organization. Beginning as an Executive Assistant to the company founder, Dan was quickly recognized for his immense capabilities in advanced infrared theory, infrared thermography, and interpersonal relationships. Over the years Dan has been recognized and honored for his business development and managerial acumen. Dan has been instrumental in the development of thermographic applications, safety protocols, and personnel development. His unique ability to learn and implement new systems and technologies helps to solidify his impact in this industry.


Monica and Gil Miceli, Founders

The husband-and-wife team, started HOT/SHOT Infrared in 1985 from the confines of their home.  It was Gil’s idea to start a company utilizing infrared cameras to locate energy loss on residential homes. After some minor success with home inspections, they quickly agreed to limit the scope of their work to commercial inspections. Monica headed up the sales team and they slowly started educating the Denver commercial real estate industry on the merits of infrared electrical inspections.  In 1989, Monica took over the Presidential duties and continued in this capacity until her death in 2015.  Gil was always seeking new ways to bring infrared into varied markets.  In 1990, they purchased their first aerial camera and began what has become a staple in our business, power line surveys. After a tough first 15 years, the company stabilized and became a profitable business.  Today, the company is run by their children and son-in-law with constant growth and a high reputation.

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