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No, it’s not a virus inspection!

Aerial inspections on transmission lines are performed utilizing the FLIR Systems Corona 350 camera. We include trained and certified thermographers/UVigraphers to perform infrared and ultraviolet inspections. This equipment offers a gyro-stabilized gimbal, remotely controlled from inside the cockpit. It collects video and high-resolution still images from visible, thermal and ultraviolet spectrums.

Corona Locates:

  • Degrading polymer insulators
  • Cracked porcelain insulators
  • Eroded cement
  • Poor design or improper installation of hardware
  • Shorted bells
  • Loose hardware
  • Gap discharge

What is Corona?

Corona is formed due to the ionization of the surrounding air of the conductors. Corona loss is highly affected by the line voltage, thus if the voltage is low, there is no change in the condition of the air surrounding the conductors; hence, no corona is generated. Corona loss is also affected by the shape and size of the equipment and may be generated by rough, uneven or sharp surfaces. Typically, corona occurs on 33 kV or higher voltages. Ionized air may cause flashover on insulators which can cause significant damage to equipment and create line failures.

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