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Leading the Way Since 1990

HOT/SHOT pioneered the use of infrared technology for superior aerial and ground-based power line inspections. Our experience along with high-resolution equipment allow us to locate thermal anomalies unseen by the naked eye. Data collected assists utility companies in avoiding failures in transmission, distribution, and substation systems.

Experience Matters!

For over three decades, we have surveyed more than 50,000 hours of aerial power lines, 250,000 miles of ground distribution, and thousands of substations. Our experience and improved speed allow greater efficiency which in turn provides utility line crews to be on the job repairing problems rather than reacting to them.

HOT/SHOT Advantage:

  • Coast-to-Coast availability
  • Transmission inspections flown at speeds averaging 45 knots, covering up to 300 miles daily
  • Our fleet of vehicles are equipped for distribution inspections available year-round
  • Substation inspections, when flown from an aerial platform, allow more substations to be inspected daily

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