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Stop throwing money out the window! Infrared energy surveys improve your bottom line.

Energy prices are at an all-time high, and facility managers and engineers realize the necessity of assuring the building envelope is as energy-efficient as possible. Programs such as Energize Denver and Colorado’s Reg 28 and LEED Certifications can all be assisted by thermal energy inspections.

An infrared energy survey allows clients to “see” energy loss patterns in a building and detect heat escaping around windows, doors, and the top of the building.

During the infrared inspection, pressurization of the building is crucial so the higher internal temperatures can be effectively pushed through the various openings in the exterior of the building.

The HOT/SHOT Experience

  • See “at a glance” the thermal condition of the building envelope as it relates to heat loss
  • Reduce overall energy costs through proper repair of identified anomalies
  • Eliminate frequent tenant hot/cold calls due to drafts
  • Pinpoint heat loss and water leaks from windows
  • Locate areas of missing insulation
  • Available credit for LEED or EnergyStar
  • Locate potential sources of pressurization loss and stack effect
  • Find entrapped moisture in stucco surfaces


Our proprietary reports provide a clear thermal representation of the facility. The concise and easy-to-read format includes complete thermal documentation depicting specific areas of heat loss.

Infrared thermograms are presented in a “storybook” fashion to indicate the entire picture of the building envelope’s energy loss. Our superior customer service doesn’t end when the report is completed. We’re available to answer questions anytime during your repair process.

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