Radiant Heat/Snow Melt

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Locating and Troubleshooting

If you are looking to drill into the concrete, then you will need to know where the lines are located. Infrared Inspections are able to locate these areas to ensure accidental damage doesn’t happen while drilling near the snow melt or radiant heat system.

Troubleshooting radiant heat issues with thermal imaging is an excellent way to find shorts, leaks or blockages. Radiant heat lines are typically filled with glycol and are heated and circulated through the lines to warm the surface. A Radiant Heat Infrared Inspection needs to be done during startup and not during a steady state. During startup, you can see the temperature difference as the lines start to heat up. After the system has been operating, the entire surface is at the same temperature and will not show the issues with the system. If the line develops a leak, it is challenging to repair.

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