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Clogged Fan Coils Waste Energy!

New energy efficiency guidelines and the rising cost of energy necessitate the need for an infrared fan coil inspection. Clogged coils are one of the primary reasons for inefficient cooling systems which can result in premature equipment failure and unnecessary energy expenses.

Thermal imaging distinguishes working vs clogged/malfunctioning fan coil loops, determining the condition of the fan coils. This enables the thermographer to identify which bank of a coil system requires repair. In addition to anomalies with the fan coils, HOT/SHOT inspects the interior of the cold air room, looking for heat sources due to poor insulation, duct seals, and radiant solar loading.

Several clogged coil lines are shown above. Please compare the right image of the same fan coil section after repairs. Note after coil cleaning was completed, the thermal output of the coil is uniform. Infrared surveys help commercial property owners and managers see the whole building.

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